There aren’t many places where you can find beer pong in Paris (or anywhere in Europe), but The Fifth Bar in the Latin Quarter prides itself on providing casual debauchery with drinking games, theme nights, and, according to them, the cheapest happy hour in Paris. The little Irish bar brings in a mostly English speaking crowd of young partygoers that throw back tall mugs amidst the year round Halloween dcor or descend into the dungeon themed basement to mingle over cocktails. We at Party Earth have never met an Irish bar that we didn’t like, but throw in the house party vibes of the Fifth Bar and you are guaranteed to have a good time all that’s missing are the keg stands but you can always ask..

Most of the corn that is not distilled for ethanol or fed cheap nfl jerseys to livestock is sent to huge factories owned by companies like Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland. The corn’s skin is processed into various vitamins and nutritional supplements. The germ is cheap china jerseys crushed for oil.


Huang: We wholesale mlb jerseys have created a new category wholesae nfl jerseys the French mooncake. The market is full of Cantonese style mooncakes, and all the brands are competing in this category. But we integrated some French bakery processes and made it in a round shape and call it a French style mooncake.

YMCA of the Rockies in ColoradoA great budget friendly all inclusive option is the YMCA of the Rockies in Colorado. Its two wholesale nfl jerseys resort style properties in Estes Park and Winter Park, Colo., are each set on more than 500 acres of Rocky Mountain landscape. Guests experience outdoor adventure activities from hiking to fly fishing, swimming, zip lining, horseback riding, arts and crafts, ice skating, roller skating, swimming, yoga, dog sledding, nature hikes and archery.

Capt. J. Stephen Donaldson, company commander of 551st Military Police at Fort Campbell, is teaching soldiers who recently returned from deployment how to handle post security. We are very concerned about the Hong Kong economy and the ballooning fiscal budget deficit. The government does not seem to have an effective policy to tackle this problem and the SARS outbreak has added to the woes of the local economy. Nevertheless, Hong Kong has a sound financial and economic infrastructure, which should help it weather the storm but the structural economic problem can only be solved by an effective government policy which is still lacking.

The ceremony consisted of us wearing crowns, tying our hands together, sipping wine, walking around the table 3 times for good luck, and a the touching proclamation by the priest “Wee that’s it. You’re married". We danced in circles to strange music, drank like the fish we are, and pretty much had the happiest day of my life.

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