How To Find Cheap Used Motorcycles For Sale

Today I want to share with you how to get some really great deals when shopping for a good quality, cheap used motorcycle.


I know that we all want to be able to head down to the dealership and pick out our favorite new motorcycle and then simply ride off without a care in the world but let’s face it, this is unlikely for the majority of us. Instead, when looking to score a really cool bike it is important to be patient and do a little research first!

Before we begin keep this in mind: A great motorcycle does NOT have to be brand new. A used bike doesn’t necessarily mean an old bike. I see this thought process constantly. Everyone I know is in the mindset that if they are riding the latest and greatest model then they might as well not ride at all. This is simply not true. There are plenty of cheap used motorcycles out there that are just as good, or sometimes even better, than the “name brand stuff".

Okay, with that out of the way we can move forward. Just like everything else in the cheap jerseys automotive industry motorcycles lose value immediately when they leave the showroom floor. Luckily, that is good news for those interested in the used sale department. Often times a bike can lose up to 50% of it’s value just mere months after being purchased brand new. Scary right?

Taking this information into consideration we see how we can get killer savings by simply being patient and doing our homework. Some of the key places to find these great deals are immediately accessible to anyone. Two of my favorite methods of finding great deals on used motorcycles is in the local newspaper and Craigslist.

My best piece of advice is to start as local as possible. Pick up the different daily newspapers and check out the motorcycle listings. You will be shocked at how many motorcycles are up for sale every day! Most of these listings are typically “must move NOW" type of deals so it is likely that they are willing to sell for cheap!

I purchased my first motorcycle using this method and by doing so I was able to get a $6,000 sport bike for a mere $3,200 simply because, “The wife says I have to get rid of it today". Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Don’t think that I just got lucky though because deals like this happen all the time! To reach out further you can also get on Craigslist and check out the listings for cheap used motorcycles. There are always those looking to make some extra cash by selling motorcycles that they don’t ride anymore and just don’t want. Remember to always pay attention on Craigslist though as their are plenty of scams out there trying to take your hard earned money. You can avoid these scams by dealing locally and actually seeing the motorcycle in person.

You may still be skeptical as to why prices on bikes could drop so low in such a short amount of time. Well here is the secret: As my dad once told me, “Motorcycles are fun, but remember that they are simply big toys".

What does that mean? Well unlike a car, a motorcycle only contains “value" to those with the hobby of riding a motorcycle for the most part. Motorcycles and sport bikes especially are not exactly family friendly and are not reliable transportation year round in many parts of the world. So this means that often times you run into a case where someone has purchased a new motorcycle, months later has started a family, and has now realized that the motorcycle has got to go which in turn passes the savings onto you!

There are still plenty of other methods out there and while the methods I described above may seem obvious I was very surprised at how many people still went immediately to the dealership to buy their motorcycles. As I stated before, with a little patience and some research lots of money can be saved when it comes to buying a cheap used motorcycle.

Whether you use your local newspaper listings, Craigslist, or even government auctions to find used motorcycles just remember to know the price range, what you are willing to pay, and to always look for hidden defects or problems that may arise after the purchase.

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