The restaurant, of course, is Cyrus, the award winning house that recently rated only a half star lower than Thomas Keller’s French Laundry in the newest Zagat guide. Beattie, who had spent the first two years of his career behind the bar mastering such old school tricks as floating a slick of Chambord at the bottom of a glass, had recently had his palate and his mindset shaken up by something as mild as a beverage. As he relates in his new book, Artisanal Cocktails (Ten Speed Press; $24.95), he was seated at San Francisco’s Absinthe Brasserie when he ordered an old fashioned cocktail called a Ginger Rogers.

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Our performance consistency test explores the extent to which a drive can reliably sustain performance during a long duration random write test. Specifications for consumer drives typically list peak performance numbers only attainable in ideal conditions. The performance in a worst case scenario can be drastically different as over the course of a long test drives can run out of spare area, have to start performing garbage collection, and sometimes even reach power or thermal limits..

(WJX T) Tuesday close: $30.10Yield: 8 per centAs a heavy equipment distributor, Wajax is sensitive to economic swings. But the company which cut its dividend in May and whose stock price has dropped 26 per cent this year is “really, really cheap," Ms. Lundquist says.

The effect on the ultimate consumer, the man on the street, is pretty small. Steel is an early input product and it won’t affect the price of automobiles. [The impact of steel on consumer prices] is a pretty tricky estimate to make; I’d be surprised if anybody has anything credible at this stage.

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