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全新未拆封13吋MacBook Pro 512GB SSD

  Touch Bar 及 Touch ID 2.9GHz 處理器 512GB 儲存設備 2.9GHz 雙核心 Intel Core i5 處理器 Turbo Boost 技術加速運行至 3.3GHz 8GB 2133MHz 記憶體 512GB PCIP

iPad Pro 9.7 WiFi 32GB 太空灰

全新未拆盒,有單,有一年保養 價格: 4200 港元 官網 $4688HKD Whatsapp 55940352 價錢 (推薦填寫): : 4200

13 吋 MacBook Pro inch

13 吋 MacBook Pro inch2017 01 03 買 未過保養2.0GHz 雙核心 Intel Core i5 處理器,Turbo Boost 技術加速運行至 3.1GHz8GB 1866MHz 記憶體256GB PCIe SSDIntel Iris GraphP


Delete 價錢 (推薦填寫): : 8000

The option to only advertise

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Orban compared Hungary to a sheep representing

voice of reason in the European flock of countries. He argued that the EU first must focus on security measures to force those from troubled lands to seek asylum in neighbouring countries, not in the heart of Europe. He said the current discussions on a new quota to handle 120,000 migrants soon wouP

RT’s market share by revenue

was also “substantially higher" than its closest competitors, TV3 and Sky TV, it added. It typically used a “reference share" of 60 70 per cent as a benchmark for negotiations a percentage far in excess of its share of “commercial impacts" in tP

Clinton intends to downgrade

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99%新 MacBook Air 13′ early 2015

有盒 齊配件 買了四個月 只在家用 1.6GHz, intel Core I 5  8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 128GB 價錢 (推薦填寫): : $5000